Win Harrison Wilson, son of Ciara Wilson and Russell Wilson, had his second birthday, and his parents couldn’t be happier

Ciara Wilson is one of the most well-known singers in the country, and her husband, Russell Wilson, is a skilled quarterback for the football team. The couple enjoy a lovely marriage, and ever since they started dating, people have been referring to them as the cutest couple ever.

Six years into their marriage, their affection is still growing. Win Harrison Wilson, their youngest child, turned 2 very recently.

Win is a good-natured kid, and his parents appear to be pleased with him. He’s already a big favorite, and as he gets older, he’ll undoubtedly break hearts. Win was conceived on July 23, 2020. Sienna Princess Wilson, his sister, was born in April 2017.

The two couldn’t resist having fun while celebrating their son’s birthday, just like any other celebrity parents (or adoring parents in general). Each member of the family decided to post a video of their trip to Disneyland on social media. As they also gave Win a Mickey Mouse cake to cut, it appears that Win is a fan of Disney.

Each of the devoted parents left a heartfelt wish for their child on their respective pages. Both were overjoyed at the baby’s arrival and weren’t shy about sharing it with the public. Even admirers couldn’t resist wishing the infant child a happy birthday in the comments since the level of love was so intense.

Every milestone, no matter how little, is celebrated with affection by the family. For instance, Ciara made the decision to wish Russell a very happy Father’s Day and referred to him as her kids’ favorite father.

The family exudes a good vibe and wholesome vibes. The parents appear to adore their kids and are incredibly proud of them. Like any other parent, they are eager to share their love with the world. Additionally, the kids are lovely and adorable, which pleases the fans.