Worship Leader Writes Song to Protest NY Law for Abortions Up to Birth: Babies are “Not Forgotten”

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With the passage of ultimate week’s abortion laws in New York, many have spoken out in response to the legal guidelines, and one pastor has even written a music about it.

Phil King, the NxtGen worship pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, said the passage of the New York Reproductive Health Act propelled him to act.

In an interview with Fox News, King said, “Abortion is not a fight we can win by hating another person, we win by loving each other, by loving life.”

After prayer and writing, King launched a music titled “Not Forgotten” on Jan. 27. King teamed up with Cody Ray Lee and Rita Springer to compose the music. Afterward, he wrote on Instagram: “Wrote this song over the recent laws passed in New York State. This is for all of the babies lost. We love you, we remember you and we are fighting for you.”

The questionably-named Reproductive Health Act extends previous the provisions of Roe v. Wade, as late-term abortions, which presently are illegal in New York, shall be allowed, and non-doctors shall be allowed to perform them.

King’s chorus remembers the unborn whose lives have been destroyed, and sends a message of affection as a result of the wrestle to defend life continues:

You are not forgotten

We are stopping for you

We’ve answered your silent cry to be your voice

Your life was not for nothing

We rejoice your coronary coronary heart beat

The value that you just paid is a fireplace that’ll change this world.

King’s music is just not solely an acknowledgment of the pro-life movement, however as well as a reputation to movement and encouragement for people to proceed stopping for the rights of the unborn.

“I especially hope that the Church would be moved when they hear this song to begin adopting babies by the thousands, to be moved to save lives and also help those who feel cornered or forced to abort a life,” King said.

“This is more than a song, it’s a declaration and a call to action. I believe the effect this would have on our society would completely shift our nation and God is not short on resources to turn our nation around,” he said.

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