The 99-yard pick-six by Jaylen Watson is called on the Chiefs radio

Jaylen Watson, a rookie for the Kansas City Chiefs, picked off Justin Herbert for a 99-yard gain, sending Herbert to the ground, and the Chiefs radio broadcast went crazy.

Although it wasn’t the most attractive game the Kansas City Chiefs have ever played, Patrick Mahomes and the team were able to defeat the Chargers on Thursday night.

But neither Mahomes nor the offense were the ones who made the difference. The game was flipped on a dime by a defensive play, but the eighth-best quarterback in the league by PFF still produced some truly unbelievable throws to get his team back in it.

On a drive that appeared to be headed for a touchdown, rookie Jaylen Watson intercepted Justin Herbert and returned it 99 yards the opposite way.

The interception made sure the Chiefs were on the winning side of the game’s last pendulum swing and not only stopped the Chargers’ momentum dead in its tracks.

The radio call on Jaylen Watson’s pick six by the Kansas City Chiefs was absurd

When Mitch Holthus called the pick six play on the Chiefs radio broadcast, that pretty much said it all.

One of those plays where the added texture of context elevates it much from what it was on the surface.

Watson is more than simply a rookie; he was selected in the seventh round and wasn’t even supposed to be on the field at that point. Due to an injury, Trent McDuffie had to leave the game, leaving a void that Watson more than filled.

His journey to this point could have taken many different turns. The Athletic’s Dan Brugler provided the background information that will make Chiefs supporters love Watson even more.

When Jaylen Watson was looking for a place to play football again three years ago, he was working at a Wendy’s, according to Brugler.

“In his second NFL game, he intercepted Justin Herbert for 99 yards tonight. A modest understatement would be perseverance.