A biopic on the late Afeni Shakur will be produced by Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy To Produce A Biopic About The Late Afeni Shakur

It’s long past the time! Prepare to be surprised when it comes to the late revolutionary Afeni Shakur’s story. The tale of Tupac Shakur’s mother, a key member of the Black Panther Party, is soon to be told on film! A biopic is reportedly in the works, according to Variety.

Jasmine Guy, an actor, director, and writer, is an executive producer on the film “Peace, Love, and Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 tale.” To bring Afeni’s narrative to life, Jasmine won’t be working alone.

She’ll be collaborating with Jamal Joseph, a writer/director who was jailed alongside Afeni as part of the “Panther 21.” The project also has the support of Amaru Entertainment and the Assata Shakur Estate, which is huge!

Dina LaPolt, a long-time employee of the estate, is also named as a producer. Dina collaborated hard with Afeni to settle Tupac’s estate and was instrumental in the publication of nine posthumous albums, books, and a documentary by the late rapper. Dina says she was moved by the story because Afeni was a hero to her activist mother. “My mother was an active participant in the civil rights struggle, and she told me about Afeni and how she was arrested as a member of the Panther 21.”

“Peace, Love, and Respect: The Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 Story,” which will span a key two-year period, and keep audiences entertained. From April 2, 1969, when Afeni and other Black Panther members were arrested and accused of conspiring to attack police stations in New York, to June 16, 1971, the biopic will focus on her. It’s a momentous day because it’s Tupac’s birthday. Afeni represented herself at the trial and was acquitted of all charges.

Afeni’s upbringing and teenage years will be depicted in the biopic, in addition to his incarceration with the Panthers. According to reports, no actress has been cast in the role of the campaigner, and no release date for the biography has been set. Are you looking forward to it, roommates?