A little league club of the Angels inadvertently launches pyrotechnics into…

A little league club of the Angels inadvertently launches pyrotechnics into the crowd

The Rocket City Trash Pandas, a minor league club of the Angels, had a disastrous fireworks display on Friday night.

Whether we’re talking about Dodger Stadium, a minor league stadium, or your neighborhood little league field, fireworks at baseball games are pretty much a summertime institution.

You attend a game, take in the celebrations afterward, and then leave happier. Or at least, that is how it should proceed.

After their game on Friday night, the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, the Rocket City Trash Pandas, were launching fireworks when one of them malfunctioned.

The video demonstrates specifically that one of the fireworks was fired into a hill where spectators were seated to enjoy the postgame display.

Unintentionally, Trash Pandas’ fireworks launched into the audience

Fortunately, the Trash Pandas reported that nobody was wounded as a result of the incident, which is great given how disastrously it could’ve turned out (and also makes it feel a bit easier to have some jokes about).

You might expect a squad from “Rocket City,” which is another moniker for Madison, Alabama, near Hunstville, to be able to handle fireworks a little bit better than what they demonstrated on Friday night.

Again, it’s quite encouraging that nobody was harmed as a result of the event. For the remainder of the season, though, the Trash Pandas might want to ease up on the fireworks displays. Their prior performance leads one to believe that it might be preferable for everyone’s safety.