Trevor Bauer’s ability to fight the Dodgers’ leave of absence

Trevor Bauer is still on sabbatical. Will the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher try to find a way to return to the game?

One report suggests that as Trevor Bauer continues to be kept out of Los Angeles Dodgers games due to a leave of absence, he may be looking into fighting the leave of absence.

Bauer was looking into whether or not the agreement for his leave of absence was a “binding agreement,” according to Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times on Friday.

Bauer’s leave of absence had previously been scheduled to end on Saturday, so there seemed to be a chance that he might be interested in showing up on Sunday.

According to Shaikin’s report, a source (who was not authorized to comment publicly on the matter) informed him that an agreement had been reached between the commissioner’s office and the players’ union. Bauer’s leave would be extended once more, this time until April 22.

Shaikin says that while MLB thinks the agreement is binding, Bauer is looking into whether or not that is the case.

Will Trevor Bauer fight for his leave of absence with the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts took some time on Sunday to address the subject and examine whether the whole thing was a distraction for the team. In a tweet from Jack Harris, who wrote the piece in question for the Los Angeles Times, Roberts didn’t know if Bauer had tried to go to the game.

As Harris pointed out, Roberts also stated that the issue was neither distracting nor frustrating for the Dodgers. It’s not clear when the problem will be solved, says Harris. Roberts told Harris that he doesn’t know.

So yet, it’s unclear whether Bauer will return before his leave of absence expires. He did not play for the Dodgers on Sunday, as previously stated.

If Bauer and his team believe that the agreement for his leave of absence isn’t actually binding, then his condition and eligibility will be worth monitoring.