At Coachella, a Bills fan has the absolute worst take on Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ trip to Coachella sparked a slew of reactions, the worst of which was a Bills fan attempting to compare the Chiefs quarterback to Josh Allen.

Rivals come in a variety of forms, and Twitter has a way of amplifying them. That can be a bad thing at times.

A subset of Bills fans on Twitter has found a way to make every moment a competition between Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo’s Josh Allen.

When Mahomes was spotted at Coachella, the competition reached new lows thanks to one fan who shared the most ridiculous take on the situation.

At Coachella, a Bills fan made the absolute worst remark about Patrick Mahomes.

“Patrick and Brittany are attending Coachella, while Josh and Brittany are attending a Sabres game.” Our quarterbacks are NOT the same #BillsMafia #OneBuffalo,”

Chiefs fans weren’t going to let that one go. The tweet was heavily ratioed. Even Bills fans were performing the Jonah Hill stop gif.

Never mind that Kansas City lacks a hockey team. Never mind that Mahomes owns a stake in several local sports teams. Never mind the fact that he’s frequently seen at local sporting events. It’s pointless to compare one quarterback’s offseason night out with another’s.

Going to a music festival or a hockey game in the middle of April says nothing about either man’s character.

That’s what Twitter is for. The odd crazy fan tweet is all part of the experience.