Billboard’s 2022 Game Changer Award goes to Saweetie!

Saweetie Takes Home Billboard’s 2022 Game Changer Award!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Saweetie, it’s that she’s always working, and it appears that her commitment and hard work have paid off!

Yes, making money is fantastic, but receiving flowers while you’re still alive is even better, and Saweetie received hers on Wednesday when she received Billboard’s 2022 Game Changer award!

Saweetie had a busy night, as she walked the red carpet looking stunning as usual, sang her new song ‘Closer,’ and had her mother by her side the entire time! In recognition of the distinction, the Icy Girl tweeted a note of gratitude to Billboard.

“Thank you very much, @billboard, for recognizing me as a game changer!” Last night, my gratitude frequency was at an all-time high!!! This one’s for us, icy crew,” she wrote. “We’re going to keep changing the weather…while they just report on it!” IKDR!”

Sweet is known for bringing positive energy to whatever area she enters, but her mother nearly brought the crowd to tears when she presented her baby girl with the medal.

“It’s really an honor to be able to celebrate my Saweetie with all of you,” her mother, Trinidad Valentin, said with tears in her eyes. “Her tracks have racked up 2 billion on-demand official streams in the United States, and she’s topped Billboard’s rhythmic radio chart three times.”

She went on to describe the time her young daughter announced her want to pursue rapping as a career.

“She uncovered a poem I had written while Saweetie was in middle school,” she explained. “I was really pleased with her when she took up the art of poetry, which surprised me.

I’ll never forget the day I asked Diamonte whether she had determined what she wanted to do professionally once she graduated from high school and was prepared for her college years.

‘Mom, I’m going to be a rapper,’ she said. My stomach dropped to the floor as my heart sank.”

Saweetie ultimately joined her mother on stage to accept the award, and she expressed gratitude to her followers for their support!