Congrats! On 2/22/22, Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart tied the knot!

Congrats! Da Brat & Jesseca Dupart Tied The Knot On 2/22/22!

Let’s tie the knot! Yesterday, February 22nd, was a very significant day. The date is a palindrome, which means it reads the same in both directions.

Some people believe palindromes have magical abilities, and Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart appear to be believers! In a magnificent ceremony at the Horse Mansion in Fairburn, Georgia, the pair made it official and tied the knot.

Congrats! Da Brat & Jesseca Dupart Tied The Knot On 2/22/22!


The newlyweds chose their wedding day because of its significance, according to People. “For a long time, we’ve been calling each other twin flames. As a result, this date, 2/22/22, is noteworthy.

We didn’t want to miss it because it only happens once in a lifetime,” Jesseca explained. “It’s relevant,” she continued. It’s just that it’s very important to our relationship. It is reminiscent of twin flames and represents angel numbers.”

Both the bride and groom wore white wedding gowns and looked lovely. The wedding was truly a family affair, with one hundred guests in attendance, including Brat’s sister LisaRaye, who was also in the wedding party, according to People. Lisa Raye was dressed in a purple gown instead of her usual white, which surprised the Roommates.

Congrats! Da Brat & Jesseca Dupart Tied The Knot On 2/22/22!


Supa Cent and Tokyo Vanity, as well as Jermaine Dupri and Brat’s Dish Nation Family, Rickey Smiley, Eva Marcille, Porsha Williams, and others, were in attendance. Brat wrote a beautiful post to her sister on Instagram today.

She wrote, “She ain’t too many persons or events where she ain’t wearing white.” “But it was whatever I needed from her on my particular day.” This photo doesn’t even require a caption. In every sense, it screams “big sis, small sis.” Keeper of my sister. “It’s just me and my punk.”

Da Brat and Jesseca Harris-Dupart, congrats!