India Royale’s Body Count Is One Of Her Most Attractive Qualities, According…

(video) Lil Durk Lists India Royale’s Body Count As One Of Her Most Attractive Qualities

India Royale’s Body Count Is One Of Her Most Attractive Qualities, According To Lil Durk.

Lil Durk discussed his relationship with fiancee, India Royale, on the A Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast with Wallo and Gillie Da Kid.

The 29-year-old enumerated a few factors that drew him to India. He remarked that she had a low body count as one of those attributes.

He went into detail after admitting he was “petty” and that India was “not being tossed about.” “I’m petty as hell,” Durk explained. I’m not going to marry you if you’ve been f***ing a lot of n***as and all that. “Yes, that’s me.”

“I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and get upset about something from a couple of years ago,” he continued. “Everything about her,” he said when asked what he appreciates about her. Being genuine, not cheating, and not being passed about are examples. “It was her body count that did it.”

A few users on Twitter responded by expressing their feelings regarding Durk’s remarks. “Idgaf what people think of my fiancé,” India reacted to the critics. That’s why he’s mine; get yourself a copy.” In response to someone questioning Durk’s remarks, she tweeted, “Good thing he my man.”

“We don’t explain ourselves to nobody,” Durk said, “some people fall in love with money and bags own speak nothing about it anyway shhhhh India.”

India is the sixth woman to have a child with Durk, as you may know.