Shaquille O’Neal: “When you put everything of your business on social media…

Shaquille O’neal Says He Doesn’t Feel Sorry For Kanye West: “that’s What Happens When You Put All Your Business On Social Media”

“When you put all of your business on social media, that’s what happens,” Shaquille O’Neal says of Kanye West.

Shaquille O’Neal was questioned about co-parenting and his thoughts on Kim and Kanye’s extremely public divorce earlier this week.

Shaq started on ‘The Big Podcast With Shaq’ that he would never put his business on social media or “embarrass” his ex-girlfriends.

“It’s not about having problems,” Shaq said. It’s just that I live my life according to the PPL ideals. You safeguard, provide for, and adore.”

“Even if we’re arguing, I’m not going to shame her in front of the world,” he continued. No, even if we’re having a disagreement. “No way.” “If they felt a particular way and wanted to do that, I understand they could do that,” Shaq continued, “but I wouldn’t do it.”

“That’s what happens when you put all your stuff on social media,” he said when his co-hosts highlighted Kanye’s “story.” So I’m not interested in hearing it right now. You began it, so don’t try to clean it up now.”

“You’re going to have a million different meta babies come out on what they think when you distribute your knowledge to a million individuals,” he explained. “As a result, I don’t want to hear ‘It’s a story.'” That’s the narrative you’re presenting.

“True,” commented one of the commenters. Many celebs should aspire to be like that.” “Nahhh, most of the time he’s defending the first narrative that was put out by media stating he’s crazy,” another individual said.

What are your thoughts, roommates?

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