Tisha Campbell Remembers Being Nearly “Snatched” While Trying To Get A Taxi

Tisha Campbell Recalls The Moment She Was Almost “snatched” While Trying To Get A Taxi 

When we’re out in public, it’s critical to keep an eye on our surroundings because something bad might happen in a split second. Tisha Campbell, who recently reported a recent incident in which she was almost “snatched” while attempting to take a taxi outside of her hotel, reminded her followers to do so on Friday.

“Don’t stress out, but I think I almost got scooped up,” the actress remarked in a video shared on her Instagram. So, there are no Ubers where I’m filming, so I had to phone a taxi, and I got this number, but the van that shows up seems quite shady. But there’s a guy in the back seat right now, and when he gets out, he’ll simply stand there.”

She went on to say that she had assumed the man was being dropped off, but he was simply standing outside the van. Tisha claims that the man then demanded that she get into the van, but she refused.

“I check inside the car, and it’s messed up,” she explained. “The mud is all over the place, and the rubber is being dragged up from the bottom.” The back seat seems to have been taken and snatched for a f*****g cause.”

Tisha went on to say that the driver in front of her then insisted she get in the car, and she told him she wasn’t going to.

After returning to her hotel, she inquired at the front desk about the man who had given her the taxi phone number. “Why would he give you this number?” the lady wondered.

“Yo, this trafficking sh*t is real,” Tisha said at the end of her video. However, they f****d me up. They’ve f*****d me up. “I ain’t Gina b***h,” she says.

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