A joke about T.I.’s past sexual assault accusations makes him angry

T.i. Goes Off After A Joke Is Made About The Previous Sexual Assault Allegations Made Against Him

T.I. has added comedy to his vast list of accomplishments, in case you didn’t know. However, things became serious for a brief while after he attended a comedy concert in Atlanta and heard a joke that he didn’t think was particularly amusing.

In a viral video, T.I. is seen in a viral video confronting comedian Lauren Knight after she allegedly made a joke about T.I. and his wife Tiny being accused of sexual assault last year.

T.I. can be heard stating to Lauren in the video, “There was no f*****g crime.” There’s nothing I or my wife can be charged for. “

“I’m gon na check yo muthf*****g a** as many times as you joke on that s**t as long as it takes,” T.I. said after telling Lauren to stop talking.I’m going to stop saying anything when you stop talking about it, when you stop playing with my kids. “

“There ain’t no muthaf*****g case, and there’ll never be no muthaf*****g case,” he said, “because I didn’t do anything wrong, and my wife didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lauren, humorously dancing on stage over the situation while making his remark. She then stated unequivocally that they were at a comedy concert and that if she wanted to make a joke about something, she would.

“I just want to know why it’s always US versus US.” T.I. stated as he entered The Shade Room to speak about the situation. But know that I’m built for it. “

Later, Lauren went on social media and said that T.I. was heckling her and telling her to take her hairpiece off while she was hosting. She said, “I’ll take my wig off when you comment on the allegations.”

T.I. and Tiny were accused of sexual assault in Los Angeles in September of last year, and it was rumored that they would not face charges.