Tyre Sampson’s family claimed YK Osiris didn’t pay for his funeral, which YK…

Yk Osiris Shuts Down Allegations From Tyre Sampson’s Family After They Said He Didn’t Pay For The Funeral

Tyre Sampson’s family claimed YK Osiris didn’t pay for his funeral, which YK Osiris denied

Tyre Sampson, 14 and his family had a busy day. After burying the teen, they took to social media to criticize musician YK Osiris for allegedly failing to pay for the burial after volunteering.

Tyre’s brother said on Facebook earlier: “YkOsiri or whatever dude’s name is canceled,” For pure clout, I used “lil bro.”

I didn’t pay a thing, but I made a big deal out of it. Even a false screenshot of a GoFundMe donation was uploaded. Stop acting as if you care about giving back to the community in order to increase your sales. “As dreadful as hell.”

The message was co-signed by his mother, who claimed that YK had blocked her on Instagram. It didn’t take long for Armonie Williams, the singer’s sister, to jump in and defend her brother, denying the boy’s family’s claims.

Tyre’s brother claimed the photograph was manipulated after she uploaded a screenshot of the GoFundMe page showing her brother had paid $15,000 for the burial costs.

After finally breaking his silence, YK commented on his Instagram story, “The devil is moving.” A supposed text discussion between Tyre and his mother, Nekia Dodd, was also discovered.

As of now, no expenditures have been paid, and no contributions have been given! Nekia added to the message.

So, please do me a favor and use the same platform you used when “you were seeking me” to explain why you did nothing. Also, please do not attend my son’s burial! “May God bless you!”

YK was passionate about clearing his name, and he provided a screen video of another conversation with Nekia, as well as his name on the GoFundMe account’s fundraiser list.

According to the GoFundMe website, some donations may not show up on the fundraiser because of the time it takes for them to go through.

The singer sent one final statement, assuring Tyre’s family that there was no problem on his end. Tyre’s family will remain in our thoughts at this difficult time!