Julia Fox claims to have lost 15 pounds while dating Kanye West and confirms…

Julia Fox Says She Lost 15 Pounds Dating Kanye West & Confirms Some Elements Of Their Relationship Were Real

Julia Fox claims to have lost 15 pounds while dating Kanye West and confirms that some aspects of their relationship were genuine.

The relationship between Julia Fox and Kanye West may have ended as swiftly as it began, but the mother-of-one wants you to know that she was the one who called it quits.

Julia, 32, spoke about her relationship with the superstar in an interview with the New York Times. Julia expressed her concern about Kanye West, 44, fitting into her already hectic schedule after meeting him in December 2021.

“I tried all I could to make it work,” she explained. “I already had a full schedule. How am I going to squeeze this colossal personality into my already crammed schedule? It simply couldn’t be sustained.” “I shed like 15 pounds in that month,” Fox added.

“I mean, there were definitely components of it that were real,” she said when asked if the relationship was real or a marketing gimmick.

When it came to describing their connection, the actress said she felt “cast” for a part. “It seemed like I was his girlfriend,” the star of Uncut Gems said. “But it also felt as if I was being cast as his lover — and he was casting me.” He was the mastermind behind it all. “It felt like something out of a movie,” Fox continued.

“I don’t think he would want to open that door with me,” Fox said, adding that she isn’t concerned about the “ultimate stunt queen” (as she refers to Kanye West in the interview) disclosing her personal business.

“If you come for me, I’ll come for you,” the Italian native declared. “I’m also really good at showing up for folks.” I’m not afraid to go for broke. “I don’t think he’d be that stupid as to do that.”

Fox also remarked that the relationship was good exposure for her because she was ready to “re-enter society,” as it ended shortly before Valentine’s Day.

“Look at the big picture,” she told the outlet. That was incredible for me. The publicity was invaluable.” “But I think I’ll eventually exceed the Kanye narrative,” she concluded. Kanye isn’t the most exciting thing that’s ever occurred to me, believe it or not.”