Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck traveled across Italy for a week before…

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck traveled across Italy for a week before returning to their native country

After a weeklong honeymoon in Italy, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez arrived back in Los Angeles on Monday. At the Los Angeles International Airport, photos showed the couple getting off their private plane and getting into a black SUV.

The “Batman” actor, who seemed revitalized, stopped for a little smoke before they left as Mr. and Mrs. Affleck. Lopez looked especially warm in a matching tan sweatsuit, while Affleck sported grey sweatpants, a beige sweater, and a matching jacket. The two coordinated their outfit selections for the day’s travel as well.

Their ensembles were completed by white sneakers and aviator spectacles. In honor of their second wedding, Affleck, 50, and Madonna, 53, of “Jenny from the Block,” recently traveled around Italy.

The pair went on a frenzy of upscale shopping in Milan and were later photographed holding hands on Lake Como while taking a vacation with their combined five children.

Invading their idyllic honeymoon, a video of the “Marry Me” actress singing for her hubby during their wedding ceremony As soon as she could, Lopez expressed her anger, claiming that the couple’s approval had not been sought before the movie was “shot without authorization” and “sold for money.”

Lopez wrote on Instagram that whoever was responsible for that abused our private moment. I’m not sure how you got the impression that we signed non-disclosure agreements and asked everyone to keep details of our wedding private.

In the video, the “Let’s Get Loud” performer can be seen performing a brand-new song for Affleck as he sits by himself in a chair. The broadcast performance was just one extravagant element of the couple’s lavish wedding.

The pair exchanged vows over the course of several days during a party that featured a fireworks show, ATV rides, and musical performances. They were married in July in Las Vegas.