Britney Spears allegedly exposed her breasts next to the pool at Sunset Tower…

Britney Spears allegedly exposed her breasts next to the pool at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles, according to a spy

On the same day that she published a nude photo and a video of herself in a bathtub to promote her new single with Elton John, a spy told Page Six that they saw Britney Spears “topless” in a hotel pool.

The “Gimme More” singer apparently unwittingly gave the visitor a brief glimpse inside the iconic Sunset Tower hotel in Los Angeles while he was relaxing by the pool over the weekend.

A guest unknowingly entered their VIP area while Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, were lounging poolside on a Friday afternoon.

Our insider claims that security stopped them because they thought they were going in the direction of Britney.
The informant claimed that the guest observed Britney “romping in the pool bare-chested with her husband.” The spy said they were rowdy and irresponsible.

Spears “covers her breasts with a towel and leans out of the water with her spouse after that. The misinformed insider went on to say that it was actually the strangest thing that had ever happened to him while he was a resident of Los Angeles.

However, some insiders vehemently insisted to Page Six that Spears did not reveal any flesh near the pool or go shirtless.

Other sources corroborated that Spears was far from the pool area when she was “running around the hotel taking movies in her robe… and in the lobby” and that “guests’ mouths were falling.”
Whatever the case, Spears honored her Friday collaboration with John by sharing some suggestive photos the following day on social media.

After the release of the duo’s duet, “Hold Me Closer,” Spears shared a photo of herself half draped in a towel and caressing her bare breasts.

Before that, she allegedly uploaded a video to social media with the message “Hello, Sir Elton John,” showing herself in a bath while nude. We are the best in roughly 40 countries. “Holy crap,” she added. I hope all is okay with you. I’m currently in the bathtub and am preparing for the best day ever.