The Bath & Body Works Black History Collection is being questioned on social media

People On Social Media Question The Bath & Body Works Black History Collection

At the start of February, Bath & Body Works released a line honoring Black History Month. The line includes candles, lotions, and sprays and is said to be inspired by “joy and empowerment.”

While many people are criticizing the firm, they also claim that the perfumes are unchanged. The packaging is the only difference.

“Champagne Toast” and “Coconut Sandalwood” are among the perfumes mentioned on the company’s website, although several reviewers argue they aren’t new to the company.

“Bath & Body Works literally slapped on a dashiki and yelled ‘Heyyy yallll,'” one reviewer said. ‘Bath and Body Works put kente cloth on their candles and y’all about to eat dat s**t up,’ said another. “So gullible, no new scents, just dashiki style candles and vibes to finish the act,” the commenter continued. Support Black-owned businesses and get on with your day.”

“This Black History Month, Bath & Body Works is thrilled to extend its historic commitment to the Columbus and National Urban Leagues through a $500,000 grant,” Ronak Fields, AVP, Community Relations, and Bath & Body Works Foundation, noted.

“These funding will benefit underrepresented communities with career development and economic empowerment programs across America,” Fields stated. I am glad for the opportunity to work at Bath & Body Works, where I am surrounded by passionate colleagues that are dedicated to improving our community.”

“To me, it elegantly combines our rich heritage with a bright future through vibrant colors and encouraging themes,” William Bernard, vice president of design, said of the package, which was designed by a Black designer Tyrell Waiters.

I also think it’s significant that a group of Black Bath & Body Works associates, leaders, and partners were involved in the production, allowing our collective expression to come to life.”

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