Joe Rogan Issues An Apology For Using The “N-Word” (Video)

Joe Rogan Apologizes For Using The ‘n-word’ (video)

Following #IndiaArie’s announcement that she would be removing her music from Spotify due to Joe Rogan’s, 54, use of the n-word and disinformation about #COVID19, the comedian apologized, claiming it was “taken out of context.”

In an approximately six-minute video posted on Instagram, Rogan indicated that he now knows why he shouldn’t use the n-word. The comedian, who has a lucrative deal with Spotify, called this one of the “most regretful and disgraceful things” he has ever said.

Rogan then expressed his “sincere apologies.”

India, as previously stated.

Arie posted a video of Rogan continuously screaming “n***er” on his show and claimed that she doesn’t want her music to be used to finance Joe Rogan’s income.

“I sympathize with the folks who are leaving because of the COVID deception, and I believe they should,” she stated. “I also believe Joe Rogan has the right to say whatever he wants.” I also believe I have the right to express whatever I choose.”

“Spotify is created on the back of music streaming,” she continued. So they take the money generated by streaming and give this person $100 million, but they only pay us.003% of a penny? Just get rid of me.”

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