Jason Penrose, Claire Foy’s stalker, has been told to avoid her for five years

The well-known British actress Claire Foy has captured the hearts of many with the few parts she has taken on in films and television shows. She has received numerous accolades for her performances and a great deal of respect from those who know her for her unquestionable talents.

Claire Foy’s life has recently become unpleasant due to a stalker, though. Jason Penrose had initially sent her agency an email claiming to be a producer and director who was interested in casting her in his most recent movie. The agent received over 1,000 emails from the man between November and December. He also called her sister and knocked on her home.

Emma Jackson, Claire Foy’s publicist, had also gotten a few emails. Claire Foy found the entire situation really disturbing. Ella Crine, who represented the Metropolitan Police in court, made the decision to ask for a complete stalking protection order against Penrose. She said that Claire Foy’s mental and emotional health had been severely harmed by his acts.

A temporary stalking protection order was granted in February, but Penrose quickly violated it by sending a letter and a package shortly after. As a result of this action, Judge Michael Oliver declared that he was satisfied with the entire protection order to be carried out. Due to his misguided views on Claire Foy, he was posing a threat to herself and others.

Penrose claimed to live at the Highgate Mental Health Centre, but the court learned that he had been given the all-clear to be released. The order will now be carried out for Claire Foy’s safety and protection as a result of his actions. According to the injunction, Penrose is no longer permitted to make direct or indirect contact with Claire Foy or her publicist, as well as visit their places of employment or residence.

According to the order, he must also notify the police of any equipment that has access to the internet, phones, or social media accounts. He must also grant the police access to these gadgets in a fair manner. It has been decided that any violation of these guidelines will be regarded as a criminal offense. Claire Foy is happy that, for the time being, she won’t be stalked.