“She is slaying in every episode,” Gabrielle Union says of Simone Ashley

Gabrielle Union Is Praising Simone Ashley – “she Is Slaying In Every Episode”

Gabrielle Union is now complimenting Simone Ashley, claiming that she “slays” in every episode she appears in. Take a look at the post she made on her social media account.

Today’s #WCW is someone I can’t stop thinking about! The new season of @bridgertonnetflix has arrived, and @simoneasshley continues to kill it in each episode.

‘Simone epitomizes such feminine power that I am beyond enamored with, just like Kate Sharma,’ Gabrielle began her statement.

What I admire most about her, though, is how committed she is to speaking out about crucial topics like colorism, “she concluded. She believes in being proactive in bringing this issue to the public’s attention, and she urges others to donate, sign petitions, protest, and speak out.

I adore Simone’s positive energy and look forward to seeing her on our television every week — don’t miss season 2 of Bridgerton on Netflix every Friday! Let us pull her up and cradle her in the light of goodness. ‘

Every Friday? “remarked someone. The entire second season was released on a single day, and I watched it all in one sitting. lol. On that day, she was everything. Her sister and she. ‘Absolutely, categorically, stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!’

“She’s stunning,” added another commenter. I adored her in the role of Kate. It’s great to see an Indian woman with dark skin represented. SN: The entire series is available on Netflix, not just the Friday episodes.

Another fan wrote, “I’m very excited about her and her sister’s character being in the program this season.” Unfortunately, India still suffers from colonialism’s colorism; therefore, their choices will demonstrate to young Indian women and girls that beauty comes in all shades. ‘

“I love Simone Ashley!” said another commenter. I’m completely enamored with her. In Bridgerton Season 2, she nailed it as Kate Sharma. Kate is flawless. Her and Jonathon Bailey had a great connection as their respective personas. ‘

Gabrielle honors black women on a weekly basis, highlighting a special lady on her social media account. Her fans admire her attempts to empower women.