With one comment, Aaron Rodgers puts an end to any Packers trade rumors

Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers has been a rollercoaster ride, but the back-to-back NFL MVP put an end to all trade rumors with a single remark.

Green Bay Packers fans have undoubtedly had a difficult time feeling optimistic about Aaron Rodgers’ future in recent years. There was the holdout prior to the 2021 season, the possibility that he would retire this offseason, and the possibility that he might want out after this year now that Davante Adams is gone.

Fortunately, it appears as though there will be no cause for supporters to be concerned in the future if the back-to-back NFL MVP has a vote in whether or not he is traded away and the continual rumors around that matter.

Rodgers only had one word to assuage fans’ fears when asked if he would complete his football career with the Packers. “Definitely,” he said.

With a single statement, Aaron Rodgers puts an end to trade rumors

It’s worth noting that the phrase PFF used came from an interview with Matt Schneidman of The Athletic, and there’s a bit more context there, as Rodgers went on to say that if Green Bay didn’t send him away, he’d “absolutely” respond. Furthermore, he did not dismiss the possibility of retiring.

Even still, it must be reassuring to learn that all of the reported and rumored controversy around Rodgers is over. His reaction makes it clear that he intends to continue with the Packers until he no longer wants to play in the NFL.

The major issues for the 2022 season, however, aren’t about who Rodgers will be. With two consecutive MVP awards under his belt, it’s safe to predict he’ll be among the league’s finest quarterbacks once more.

But now that Adams is gone and there isn’t a ready-made receiver on the team to replace him, the rest of the offense is something to think about.

On the other hand, having Aaron Rodgers is a great way to address a lot of difficulties, and the Packers will undoubtedly have him.