Signing a talented linebacker will help the Denver Broncos’ defense

With the addition of linebacker Joe Schobert, the Denver Broncos’ defense received a lift. Schobert should have an immediate impact.

Perhaps in the AFC West, excellent defensive play will cancel out excellent offensive play. With their most recent acquisition, the Denver Broncos hope to uphold that motto.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on Monday, Denver has added veteran linebacker Joe Schobert to their roster in order to strengthen their linebacking group and provide much-needed leadership. This happened after the Broncos’ starter, Jonas Griffith, suffered an elbow injury.

Given Schobert’s background and accomplishments in the league, he may not immediately come across as a game-changer, but given the division Denver plays in and the expectations raised this offseason, it appears to be an instant upgrade for Denver at a position where it is crucial.

The addition of linebacker Joe Schobert gives the Denver Broncos’ defense a much-needed boost

Joe Schobert, who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, has been among the game’s more underappreciated players, which is good news for the Denver Broncos.

Schobert made his Pro Bowl debut in 2017 and has since racked up over 600 tackles, 11 sacks, and 10 interceptions.

Schobert just joined the Steelers after being traded from the Jaguars, where he received a big five-year deal in 2020 before being moved in ’21.

In one of his most notable outings, Schobert made 12 tackles, a sack, and a pick-six while playing for the Jaguars against the Vikings in Week 20. The Jaguars lost that game, 27-24.

Although those kinds of performances won’t likely be Schobert’s standard while playing for Denver, the team is hoping he can improve the linebacker position there, which is now without a primary option behind Alex Singleton and Josey Jewell.

Although Griffith will eventually return, there is a good chance Schobert might overtake him as the starter if the latter performs well enough. This is a great depth piece for the Denver Broncos, if nothing else.