Will Smith should date a younger woman, according to Kodak Black, who…

Kodak Black Shares Advice For Will Smith, Suggests He Date A Younger Woman Either 18 Or 22 Years Old

Will Smith should date a younger woman, according to Kodak Black, who advises him to date a woman between the ages of 18 and 22.

What are you talking about? Following the incident with Chris Rock, Kodak Black took the time to give Will Smith some unwanted advice regarding his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith. According to Kodak, who went live on Instagram, Will should look for a young tenderoni.

He told Will, “Go find you some other sh**.” “F**k that, man!” Go acquire some more youthful s**t, a fragile little baby… Do you understand what I’m saying? Get you some 18-year-old s**t and some 22-year-old s**t. “

Things got interesting when he proposed that Will, a father of three daughters, get another daughter. “Go ahead and adopt a baby,” Kodak advised. Go ahead and get yourself a second daughter. “Adopt you one – someone who will praise and cherish you, you see?

“During the show, Kodak also brought up Willow Smith, Will’s daughter, for writing a letter to Tupac Shakur, who died in 1996.

He raged, “You had my daughter writing this n***a Tupac like he’s still alive. That’s s**t crazy.” “Like she’s going to put the s**t in a bottle and muthaf****n’ dump that bi***h in the ocean somewhere, and that bi***h will end up with Tupac in Cuba.”

The letter he’s referring to was written when Willow was 11 years old, if you recall. “Dear Tupac, I believe you are alive somewhere,” it read. “I believe my mother misses you a lot,” the note said. Could you please return?

Please return so [mommy] and I can be happy! I wish you could be here… I truly believe that. Willow, I love you. ” During the live show, Yak told Will that he had to stand up for himself and that his wife should come with him because she didn’t deserve to be the best actor in the world.