After sharing a story about a friend, KeKe Palmer takes to social media to warn…

Keke Palmer Takes To Social Media To Warn Her Fans To Protect Their Private Journals After Sharing A Story Of Her Friend

After sharing a story about a friend, KeKe Palmer takes to social media to warn her fans to protect their private journals.

Many of us are probably extremely aware of the ability to share our personal ideas and leave them somewhere private without the worry of someone invading our privacy, but KeKe Palmer recently urged her fans to be especially cautious about keeping their personal diaries behind lock and key.

Keke Palmer took to social media to share a story about a buddy who had someone close to them read their journals, and she wants to make sure that no one else (including herself) goes through the same thing.

In a lengthy Instagram post, KeKe Palmer discussed the importance of safeguarding your journals:

“No, seriously, safeguard your journals,” says the narrator. Gone are the days when we imagined our younger sister or brother sneaking into our bed and reading our most private thoughts.

Now, when inviting friends, coworkers, or even lovers into your house… One must be exhausted.

Someone had been reading my friend’s journal, she discovered. They shared a room and were really close. They spotted that roommate reading their notebook one day after they’d arrived home early.

The worst aspect wasn’t the insults they shouted at them based on what they had read about their background. But my friend realized that every good experience they believed they had with that roommate could have been influenced because of what they had or hadn’t read in their notebook…

I was taken aback because I had never considered my own journal as a weapon against me. After hearing this, I thought I needed to tell my followers to HIDE YOUR JOURNALS (in a lighthearted yet serious manner).

You never know who is longing to read them in order to use your own humanity and soul against you.” If you’re familiar with KeKe Palmer’s social media activity, you’ll know that she regularly shares things with her fans in order to help them improve themselves—and it appears that this now includes realizing the importance of keeping the private thoughts that matter the most to you as secure as possible.