Following the Amber Heard trial, Johnny Depp is once again acting

One of the most renowned actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp is credited with bringing to life many iconic characters in a variety of franchises, including his most well-known character, Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as others like Edward Scissorhands and even The Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland series.

The actor’s career, however, recently took a serious knock after his name was linked to a major scandal involving his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Amber claimed in an opinion piece that she had experienced domestic abuse; although she did not specifically name her ex-husband, Johnny, everyone concluded that he was the abuser. Due to the incident, Johnny lost all of his significant acting assignments, and his career came to an abrupt end.

The jury in the case ruled that Amber was guilty of defamation and vindicated Johnny’s name after weeks of a very public trial. Johnny had recently sued Amber for defamation, to which she responded by suing him.

Despite winning the case, some claimed that Johnny Depp’s acting days were behind him and that he would never act again. However, Depp has disproved all of his detractors, as evidenced by a recent image of Johnny dressed as King Louis XV for the upcoming movie Jeanne du Barry.

In the picture, Johnny is completely attired like a monarch from bygone eras, including a wig, headdress, and opulent robes. Additionally, Johnny is seen wearing a blindfold in the picture, which probably refers to some aspect of the movie’s plot or of Johnny the character.

King Louis XV was notoriously regarded as a corrupt French tyrant whose wasteful behaviors ultimately sparked the French Revolution and the destruction of the French Monarchy. Thus, the blindfold can well stand in for the controversial King‘s willingness to turn a blind eye to his own corrupt and ineffective methods of leading the nation.

The announcement of the movie, which is Johnny’s first significant role since the defamation battle, which Johnny believes handed him his life back, has electrified his devoted followers.