Jennette McCurdy explains her decision not to participate in the Icarly Reboot

Icarly, which aired on Nickelodeon from 2007 to 2012 for 6 seasons, was one of the network’s most recognizable productions.

Carly Shay was portrayed on the program by Miranda Cosgrove, Spencer by Jerry Trainor, Freddie by Nathan Kress, and Sam by Jennette McCurdy. The program was hugely successful and has had a lasting impact on the childhoods of many individuals.

In a recent revamp, the whole original ensemble returned to the show, which just made a comeback on TV thanks to the streaming service Paramount+. Despite initial skepticism over the potential success of a relaunch of such a legendary show, it appears the show has garnered largely positive reviews from viewers after one season.

The event seemed to have had a good balance of both classic aspects and contemporary entertainment. The beloved Sam character is one important component that the show is missing, though.

Because the actress has too many terrible memories associated with the show, Jennette McCurdy declined to participate in the revival.

The actress recently admitted that the time she spent working on Icarly was painful for her in her book, I’m Glad My Mom Died, in part because of her mother’s attitude toward her.

The actress has previously spoken openly about her battles with weight problems and underage drunkenness while she was a child actor on Icarly.

When Miranda Cosgrove requested McCurdy to be a part of the Icarly relaunch, McCurdy explained in the same book why she declined. She specifically says the following in the book:

“Miranda, I’m not doing the reboot,” I said. Nothing you say will sway my opinion. She tells me that she believes the relaunch will give the entire ensemble a chance to “go back out there” and possibly find new opportunities.

However, there are things that are more significant than money. And that includes both my happiness and mental wellness. A moment of quiet is observed.

One of the very few times I feel like I didn’t speak too much or too little is at this exact moment. I believe I accurately portrayed myself, and I wouldn’t change a word of what I said. I’m pleased. We conclude our talk by pledging to stay in touch and then hanging up. “