In a red jacket, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas debuted The Gray Man…

In a red jacket, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas debuted The Gray Man, Netflix’s most expensive action movie

The action movie The Gray Man, which was made by Anthony and Joe Russo and purchased by Netflix, made its well-publicized debut on Monday in Berlin. Major celebrities gathered on the red carpet at the Zoo Palast theater.

Chris Evans and other famous people attended the premiere of the most expensive action movie on Netflix. In order to attend the photocall, the female lead, 34-year-old Cuban Ana de Armas, who will soon be portraying Marilyn Monroe in the film “Blonde,” wore a Louis Vuitton three-piece suit, stylish silver shoes, and magnificent diamond and sapphire jewelry.

Ryan Gosling, 41, who played a secret agent defending his daughters in the major role of the action movie, stepped out of the theater wearing a mix of a red jacket and black trousers, a white shirt and tie, and black shoes over white socks.

As the “bad guy” in the film, Chris Evans, 41, sported a stern outfit that included grey jeans, a white T-shirt, a dark grey vest, a pendant on a chain, and stylish aviator sunglasses.

Régay-Jean Page, one of the stars of The Bridgertons’ first season, and other actors from the film walked the red carpet alongside the event attendees. On July 22, the movie will make its Netflix premiere. Its $200 million production budget set a new record.

Now that the roles have been turned, Six is being pursued by Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA employee who will stop at nothing to murder him. Dani Miranda, an agent, will represent him. He’ll need it.

The film is an adaptation of the Mark Greaney book series, and Joe and Anthony Russo are directing it.

This Friday, a few UK and US theaters will screen the $200 million production, The Gray Man, before it premieres on Netflix on July 22.