During the brawl, Pete Davidson kept Kanye West from joking about “SNL”

During The Fight, Pete Davidson Helped Keep Kanye West From Joking About ‘snl

Pete Davidson has had every opportunity to ridicule Kanye West on Saturday Night Live for the past few weeks. A source informed HL exclusively that he has urged the show, “Don’t lean into it.”

According to social media, Kanye West’s absence is a tremendous relief to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, his current boyfriend.

The 28-year-old Staten Island native has received numerous messages as a result of the rapper’s constant rants, but a source told Hollywood Life exclusively that Pete reminded the proprietors of his Saturday Night Live that he “does not tilt the object.” In his latest “Eazy” music video, Kanye buried a cartoon version of Pete alive in addition to other posts.

According to the source, Pete reportedly spoke with Lorne Michaels, the show’s creator, multiple times and pleaded with him not to roast Kanye. For weeks, SNL has been gagging and joking about Kanye, and Pete spoke with Lorne.

Pete requests that they not look into anything, and Lorne assures him that he will not be forced to explain himself or get in trouble with Kanye, Kim, the family, or anyone else.

People who follow the Kanye West vs. Pete saga expected Pete to publicly criticize Kanye, but for the most part, the comic remained mute. Finally, Pete shared a text discussion he had with you, which was made public by a close buddy named David Sirius.

Pete requested that you speak with the man in the texts to resolve any tensions between the two. Kanye said earlier in the day that he didn’t like Pete’s writing because of a picture in which the King of Staten Island star is thought to have sent him to bed with Kim.

Pete began dating Kim in October 2021, when she appeared as a guest host on the show, with an on-screen kiss during Aladdin—an incredible illustration.

Since then, the two have been increasingly enraged, and on April 5, Pete was caught driving through the Kardashian-Jenner-Gated enclave with Kim’s daughter. 8 in the Northwest.

According to the insider, “Pete loves and respects Kim so much that he would never desire a show or make light of his own children’s father.”

“It’s crucial that she knows, and Kanye won’t have any gags on SNL because of Lorne and Pete’s connection and mutual respect.”