After a two-year process, Washington’s football team will now be known as…

Washington’s Football Team Will Now Be Called The Commanders After Two Year Process (update)

After a two-year process, Washington’s football team will now be known as the Commanders.

Washington’s NFL club stated in 2020 that they would no longer be known as the Redskins as they moved past the organization’s tumultuous history. They temporarily went by the moniker “The Washington Football” squad as they retired the name, but after two seasons, they have settled on a new permanent name.

The organization stated on Wednesday that they will henceforth be known as the Commanders. According to ESPN, team president Jason Wright and coach Ron Rivera discussed how they were eventually able to come up with a name.

“We arrived on this in part because we think the Washington Commanders could carry this team’s rich tradition, a championship legacy,” Wright said. It carries the weight and gravitas of a 90-year-old franchise. It’s something that connected with a large number of our fans during the process, and it symbolizes the DMV’s ideals of service and leadership.”

“What this effort truly is at its core is not to come up with a name that everyone will adore, but to start a process by which we can continue to conserve what’s finest about the burgundy and gold,” he stated. When you can’t talk to each other about other things, you can come together and hug and high-five and be one while cheering this team on with those colors, a name, and a franchise.”

One legacy. One unified future.

We are the Washington Commanders #TakeCommand

— Washington Commanders (@Commanders) February 2, 2022

“The choice to adopt the ‘Washington Football Team’ for this season permits the franchise to undertake an in-depth branding process to appropriately engage player, alumni, fan, community, and sponsor input,” the team said back in 2020 when they revealed that they would be changing their name.

To date, we’ve been thrilled to see so many people sharing their ideas for the new name and design on social media, and we look forward to incorporating their comments as the process moves forward.”

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