Albert Pujols’ return to the Cardinals opens the door for the Braves and…

Albert Pujols-cardinals Reunion Opens Door For Braves And Freddie Freeman

Albert Pujols’ return to the Cardinals opens the door for the Braves and Freddie Freeman

Albert Pujols’ re-signing by the St. Louis Cardinals demonstrates that all relationships may be repaired with time. Is it possible that the Braves will re-sign Freddie Freeman?

Freeman just left the Braves on rather sour terms, with both the front office and the player disputing the details of the contract negotiations. In a statement on Saturday, the player who has been a long-time contender for the National League MVP award said that he was grateful to the team that raised him and to Braves fans in general.

So, beef has been eliminated, right?

Everything ultimately heals with time. Just ask Albert Pujols, who returned to the team he left after winning the World Series in 2012. Fans were furious with Pujols at the time because he had signed a large contract in California. Pujols was 32 years old at the time, and Freeman was with the Dodgers.

Is it possible that history will repeat itself?

Is it possible for Freddie Freeman to return to the Braves?

Because Freeman signed a six-year contract with the Dodgers, he would become a free agent at the age of 38 in this parallel universe. Who knows where the Atlanta Braves will be in the future?

If Atlanta is in contention, Freeman might return in some capacity to help the Falcons win another championship. However, Braves supporters are hoping that Matt Olson, the younger player and a potential All-Star, will be their starting first baseman.

If Freeman’s defense doesn’t hold up, he could be forced to play DH.

If the Braves aren’t in contention, it wouldn’t hurt to bring Freeman back as a way to attract more fans to Truist Park (or whatever the stadium is named at that time).

Sure, there is a situation in which Atlanta would benefit from re-signing Freeman, and it isn’t all that unlikely.

It’s possible that by 2028, fans will be begging for it. But let us make an effort to remain in the present.