Porsha Williams delights fans with photos from PJ’s birthday party


Porsha Williams is bringing joy to her fans and followers with new photos from PJ’s birthday celebrations. Take a look at them below.

“She’s getting big!” exclaimed someone. Each week, I look forward to seeing you. So now I’ll be following you, hear! ‘

Porsha Williams Makes Fans Happy With Pics From Pj’s Birthday


One responder wrote, “Simon’s daughter is lovely!” “Congratulations on your birthday.”

“Happy Birthday Princess Pilar!” remarked another fan. Porsha’s mother is stunning!!! ” “This is fantastic!” commented one follower. You could have been the mother of Simon’s child. She’s also quite attractive. ‘

Where are the kids for her to have her birthday with little ones her age? “One user said.”

Porsha Williams is on vacation with her family and has made sure to update her fans with new photos and videos. Take a look at one of her most recent social media posts.

She wrote in the description of her Instagram post: “Imagine someone who loves you so much that they make you love yourself.”

Porsha Williams is celebrating her daughter PJ’s birthday. Take a look at the post she made on her social media account.

To my little Pooh bear, a very happy birthday!!! Mommy is a huge fan of you! I thank God for allowing me to be your mother, for giving me a reason to live, and for being your [email protected] lifeline!!! @pilarjhena. ‘ Porsha commented, “Captured by @weelovephotography.”

Someone said, “This is a lovely newborn girl.” “Wishing you a very happy birthday, Sweetie.”

“Awe my little Aries sister, happy birthday. Wishing you health and wealth,” wrote one user.

“You don’t need anyone to make you love yourself because you should love yourself anyway, and you’re a fine-looking young lady. What’s not to love about you in terms of looks? I see you, girl, looking good,” said another follower.