Hueston, who reached the semi-finals of the ‘American Song Contest,’ has ‘…

‘american Song Contest’s Hueston Has ‘a Lot In Store’ After Making It To Semi-finals

Hueston, who reached the semi-finals of the ‘American Song Contest,’ has ‘A Lot In Store.’

Hueston of Rhode Island is your first semi-finalist in the ‘American Song Contest.’ After the premiere, he chatted with reporters about his solo music journey and what’s ahead.

Only one of the 11 singers who competed advanced to the semi-finals of the American Song Contest, which began on March 21. Hueston, a Rhode Island native, wowed the audience with his fantastic rendition of “Held On Too Long.” Hueston discussed his original song and future plans with the media, including HollywoodLife.

According to Hueston, the song was inspired by a “breakup and various things.” But honestly, I am one of those musicians that truly likes the songs to speak for themselves, “he added. As an artist, I believe that if we dig too deep into what the song represents, it loses its uniqueness.


Hueston during his ‘American Song Contest’ performance.

Hueston began his career as a member of The Blancos before branching out on his own. “This is a fairly new thing,” he explains, “so I think it’s very wonderful that everyone can grow with me in my profession.”

“This is like my fifth song as a solo artist, so it’s quite thrilling.” I don’t have nearly as much out as Hueston, so have a look. “@IAmHueston is the handle for all of my social media accounts.

Make sure to give me a follow and see me improve. Follow me because I have a lot in store for you. So, for the time being, I’m going to go home and appreciate what’s going on. “

Being a solo artist is both difficult and easy for the vocalist. “It’s more difficult because everything is on you,” Hueston said, “but it’s also easier because you don’t have to deal with different personalities.”

“It might be difficult to grow apart from people when you’re in a group or band; you love the other individuals or people in the group, but you grow apart from them at times.” It’s difficult to have to cope with that. It’s also difficult to be a solo artist when all eyes are on you. It’s all on you if you mess up, but I’m not afraid to make mistakes. “


Hueston has made it to the semi-finals.

Hueston was adamant about coming across as authentically as possible when preparing for the American Song Contest. “I told them I wasn’t a fake dude when we first started shooting that home package,” Hueston stated. “I’m not the bubblegum guy.”

That’s not who I am. I tried to keep it as authentic as possible. And the music I compose is a source of pain for me. It’s all about love. It is a source of suffering. Through my experiences, it is concentrated on human feelings. I believe I sing the way I do because I’ve suffered a lot of heartache. I was forced to see things that children should not be exposed to.

Seeing my mother suffer through difficult times as a child, but also having the strength that my mother possessed and knowing that God has a purpose, I believe that is what distinguishes me as authentic. I’ve learnt throughout my life that you can win, lose, or draw, but you’ve sold yourself short if you’re not being yourself. ” On Mondays, NBC broadcasts the American Song Contest.