The Online Feud Between Kanye West and Pete Davidson Continues — Fans…


The Online Feud Between Kanye West and Pete Davidson Continues — Fans advise you to move on

The feud between Pete Davidson and Kanye West appears to be continuing. As you can see in the video below, fans are begging Ye to back off and mind his own business.

‘He said apologize to your family for being your family, bruh, I ain’t never heard that one,’ someone added. Kanye West is dropping some bars.’

Kanye West And Pete Davidson Online Feud Continues – Fans Tell Ye To Move On


‘He’s sucking off the attention y’all are giving him,’ claimed another fan, while another added, ‘Mom has a sextape, dad is emotionally disturbed, but the step father is the problem?’ Is there a way to make this content mute? ‘I’m exhausted, Ye.’

‘She has not once spoken on him n his second girlfriend so why is he pressed on hers like,’ claimed one commenter, while another added, ‘None of this is about his kids!’ He’s obsessed with the concept that Pete is now his ex-source wife’s of happiness! It’s quite frightening.’

‘When Kim is done, she’s DONE,’ said another follower. Do you know where any of her ex-boyfriends are? This is terribly sad, ya.’

‘Kanye just doesn’t like Pete for reasons unknown to him,’ a fan added, ‘and I think it’s gone beyond Kim at this point.’ He can’t control who she dates, but is it reasonable for him to refuse to have him near his children?’

‘Kanye, move on!’ wrote one fan. You left her and went out on your own miles away from her and your continually embarrassed have been spotted with different ladies yet you refuse to let her move on in peace.

‘What kind of evil obsession is this,’ asked one follower, while another added, ‘I understand Ye being crazy, but this is actually a concerning point.’ The dad is a decent father, and he has every right to keep his children away from someone who would even make such a joke.’