Doja Cat wows the crowd when she takes a break from performing to…

Doja Cat Impresses Fans When She Stops Performance To Help Someone

Doja Cat wows the crowd when she takes a break from performing to assist someone

Doja Cat wowed the audience when she paused her performance to assist a fan in need. Take a look at the video below.

“Doja Cat is doing her part to protect the safety of her fans!” She paused her show for more than five minutes last night at Lollapalooza Argentina after noticing an audience member in distress! ‘According to The Shade Room

One commentator said, “Just make yourself sound sluggish, because I know she’s done that before.” My remark was saying that someone has only gone to one doja concert and is acting like they’ve been numerous times, “adding that one more.

So now every time a star gives a shit about someone in the crowd, y’all going to report it? One user wondered if “The Travis effect,” as they say,

Someone else said, “Y’all don’t need to drag Travis into this-she’s not trying to shade him by checking on her fans.”

One follower tweeted. “I honestly enjoy the idea that artists are actually looking at the crowd and helping instead of another Travis Scott moment.”

In terms of Travis Scott, he appears to be seeking methods to make atonement in the aftermath of the fatal concert. Check out the most recent information regarding his recent donation.

Travis is said to have just launched his next endeavor to assist people in various places, which he will do through a new nonprofit named Project HEAL.

According to The Shade Room, “the project funds will go toward scholarships for HBCU students, mental health support, an extension of the CACT.US Youth Design Center, and funding for the US Conference of Mayors Task Force on Event Safety.”

The scholarships for HBCU students will be provided by Travis’ Waymon Webster Scholarship Fund, according to TSR. They will award a total of $1 million in scholarships to seniors who are enrolled in HBCUs and have a GPA of 3.5 or better. “