Laura Louie, Woody Harrelson’s Wife: Everything You Need to Know About…


Laura Louie, Woody Harrelson’s Wife: Everything You Need to Know About Her, Plus His Previous Marriage.

The Oscar-nominated actress has had two marriages! Here’s everything you need to know about Laura Louie and Nancy Simon.

Woody Harrelson is the definition of a successful move from television to the big screen. Before turning to the movies, the 60-year-old Texas native became a household sensation in the late 1980s with his comic role as the dimwitted, good-natured Woody in the comedy Cheers.

He received Oscar nods for his roles in The People vs. Larry Flynt in 1997, The Messenger in 2010 and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in 2018. While he did not win the top prize, he did solidify his position as an A-list actor. He was most recently seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Venom, a superhero film.

Woody Harrelson

Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson married in 2008 after dating since 1987.

Woody’s personal life has also taken an interesting turn. He married Nancy Simon, the daughter of the legendary playwright Neil Simon, in 1985.

The wedding, however, was said to be a joke between the two, and their relationship was never meant to endure.

According to Turner Classic Movies, they “whimsically married in Tijuana in 1985, meaning to divorce the next day, but when the pair went to the storefront marriage/divorce business, they found it closed because it was Sunday.

” The marriage lasted a total of ten months. “We had to go through Jacoby and Meyers to get a summary dissolution.” According to TCM, Woody recalled to USA Today, “I think Neil was a little bit apprehensive at the time that I may try to go for her money.”

Woody began dating Laura Louie two years after the phony wedding ended, and they married in 2008. And they’re still growing stronger today! Below, you’ll find a list of all the women who have captured the actor’s heart.

Laura Louie is a woman of Asian ancestry.

Laura was born in the year 1965 to Asian parents. Laura is a very reserved person, therefore nothing is known about her early life or background.

When they met, she was Woody’s personal assistant.

Laura met Woody for the first time in 1987, when she was employed as his personal assistant on Cheers. She went on to build her own company after leaving the job.

Yoganics, her first company, served organic food throughout Texas until it shuttered in 2015. Laura then launched Yoganics Hawaii, a similar brand with a similar name. Customers may take yoga sessions and eat organic meals at the company’s Maui location.

Laura and Woody are the proud parents of three children.

Despite the fact that Laura and Woody didn’t marry until 2008, they had three children in the interim. Deni Montana, their first daughter, was born on March 5, 1994.

Zoe Giordano, their second child, was born on September 22, 1996. It took a decade for Zoe and her sister to have a younger sister to call their own. Makani Ravello, Woody and Laura’s third child, was born on June 3, 2006.

They lived in Hawaii on a commune.

Laura and Woody lived in Maui in a 200-person eco-village/sustainable community. In 2005, Woody told SFGate, “It’s a really gorgeous spot.” “Everyone is concerned about the environment, and they’re all biodynamic farmers and all-around nice people.” It’s a wonderful community, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

“No one in our area has any power wires – we’re all solar,” he added. When the lights go off at night, you just stare out over the valley, and the only lights are the stars.”