Usher Admits He Would Have Dated Aaliyah And Monica Was His First…

Usher Confesses He Would’ve Dated Aaliyah And That Monica Was His First Celebrity Kiss

Usher Admits He Would Have Dated Aaliyah And Monica Was His First Celebrity Kiss.

Play Usher’s ‘Confessions,’ Alexa, because that’s the vibe he’s been on recently! On the ‘Daily Pop’ section, the singer spoke with E! News correspondent Francesca Amiker.

They played a game Francesa called “Confessions” during the conversation, which was inspired by Usher’s blockbuster album. She asked the actor to name a superstar with whom he had previously dated.

Francesca inquired, “What celebrity would you have dated back in the day if you had the chance?”

Usher’s Forgotten Romance

Usher quickly answered, claiming that his response is “exclusive” because he “never told anyone anything.”

“Someone I was really good friends with that I wish I would’ve taken more seriously because she was a really really close friend of mine for a short period of time and then we just disengaged,” he continued.

It had to be Aaliyah. I believe I would have dated Aaliyah if we hadn’t gotten around to it. We just talked about it but didn’t do anything.”

Francesca wanted to know why their friendship didn’t turn into passion at this time. She inquired if both Usher and Aaliyah were too preoccupied with their jobs at the time.

“No, no, no,” she says. Usher stated, “We were pals.” “You know what I’m talking about when I say we hung out.” We hung out and watched movies together.”

Despite spending time together, Usher admitted that their bond “didn’t go there.” Aaliyah and Usher were only three months apart in age at the time of her death. Usher was born in October 1978, while she was born in January 1979.

Usher’s First Kiss with a Celebrity

Following Usher’s response to Aaliyah, Francesca inquired about his first famous kiss.

“Monica was my first celebrity kiss,” Usher revealed.

Usher grinned and repeated “Monica Arnold” as Francesa repeated the name with astonishment.

Francesca inquired, “Was she a good kisser?”

Usher said, “Yeah, she was a good kisser.”

Don’t let C-Murder see this, Chile! As previously reported, the rapper wrote Monica a love letter in November. She incorporated C-name Murder’s to the lyrics of the 1998 song “For You I Will,” and the crowd responded by yelling “Free C-Murder.” He shared the video along with a photo of Monica on Instagram after learning about her performance.

“At the show, my baby kilted it.” “We knew this was real love from day one when she sang this outfit a #TRUqueen,” he captioned. “No opinion can change a fact, and we have the evidence to prove it.” You know how I feel about her if you know me.”