Boosie Goes Live On Instagram With His 18-Year-Old Son & Examines…

Boosie Goes Live On Ig With 18-year-old Son & Uses Magnifying Glass To Examine The Lady Parts Of Women

Boosie Goes Live On Instagram With His 18-Year-Old Son & Examines Women’s Lady Parts With Magnifying Glass

Whew! One thang ‘bout Boosie, he’s gon’ violate these IG guidelines, and then wonder why his account gets deleted.

On Wednesday, Boosie went live on IG for his Boosie Gone Bad event and examined the lady parts of women with a magnifying glass. His son, Torrance Hatch Jr, 18, was also there to witness the shenanigans.

In the clip floating around Twitter, Boosie can be seen taking a very close look at the women. The participants were spreading their legs wide for Boosie, and his son to to take a peek of their business. “Look at the p***y, son,” Boosie said. The rapper also continued to refer to their private area as a turtle neck.

A few commenters had things to say. One person said, “This the same man who paid a woman to perform sexual acts on teenaged boys. Not surprised,” referring to Boosie saying he once paid a woman to give his son fellatio. Another person said, “But Lil Nas X is the threat to children right?”

One commenter also stated, “idk this one not funny to me and i have a dark sense of humor. And y’all already know boosie been exposing his sons to stuff like this well before 18 so miss me with that…”

They continued to say, “But let it had been an 18 yr old girl on live with her mother looking at [eggplant emoji] of men twice her age with a magnifying glass. It’s something really closeted and perverse about Boosie.”

As you know, Boosie is no stranger to controversy. From his comments about DWyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya Wade, and his comments about Lil Nas X, the Baton Rouge rapper always gives his opinions about the way people choose to parent their kids or live their lives.

Roomies, what do you think of this?