Kanye West Shares Strange Message Regarding His Daughter, North West

Kanye West Posts Weird Message About His Daughter, North West

After discovering certain photos on his daughter’s backpack, Kanye West sent a message on his social media account. Take a look at what he had to say in the video below.

‘This is the post for which I was chastised. Tell me how to be the best dad when your wife is attempting to spit on you after refusing to let you see your children.’

And I love how I don’t have any famous “friends” who will speak up for me. YALL are just watching OK cool,’ he added.

‘It’s not their business, it’s yours and hers,’ someone wrote. Neither ours nor your famous pals.’

‘This isn’t anyone’s business except yours and your wife’s,’ one commenter added. You’re trying to do too much right now.’

‘Kanye may have his issues for sure,’ someone person wrote in the comments section. But, when there are so many men who aren’t, I can’t criticize anyone who is attempting to be a good father. ‘I value it.’

‘Kanye have enough money to pay for a professional therapist, we the internet can’t help you, all we can do is judge…’ said one admirer.

‘Anyhow!!’ exclaimed someone else. To my 9-5 coworkers, I wish you everyone a wonderful week!! I’m losing an hour, and it’s killing me.’

‘Why is Kim’s emoji brown?’ said one fan. Also, what is he so upset about? Am I missing something?’

Fans are reacting to Kanye West’s latest action involving Kim Kardashian in the comments section. Take a look at The Shade Room’s piece, which is embedded below.

According to The Shade Room, Ye has been vocal about his forthcoming divorce on social media recently, but it appears that he is warming to the concept of Kim being deemed single while their divorce processes are ongoing.