In a new video, Kylie Jenner offers advice to young mothers

Kylie Jenner Gives Young Mothers Advice In This New Video

In this new video, Kylie Jenner offers advise to young mothers. Take a look at it here.

‘Six weeks after giving birth to her and Travis Scott’s son, Kylie Jenner opens out about her postpartum experience. Kylie admits that this time around, motherhood is a little more difficult for her.

She also gave postpartum moms some advise, stating, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get back, not just physically, but mentally!” The Shade Room makes a point.

‘I suppose her son just given her a reality check,’ someone added. It’s a gift to mom’s body.’

‘Listen, I’m not a big fan of this family, but you guys are showing no grace to this woman, and what she’s saying is true,’ one commenter said. You don’t have to be harsh just because you don’t like her. Having a baby is difficult regardless of your financial situation.’

‘Postpartum depression is real, which is why it’s crucial to have a decent support system around you,’ another follower commented. ‘Avoid toxic people, remain off social media, and allow yourself to heal.’

‘Y’all concentrate more on her appearance., than what she’s truly speaking about,’ a fan wrote.

‘Facts,’ one fan said. After having a child, you will never be the same psychologically or physically.’

‘Y’all be claiming to uplift women but tearing her down smh,’ someone said. ‘Lol she actually talking about how awful postpartum is for her and y’all throwing blows about her beauty,’ another follower remarked. ‘Y’all are hell on earth, and you pick and choose when to be good human beings.’

Travis Scott, Kylie’s baby daddy, was recently found to be looking for methods to make atonement following the deadly concert. Check out the most recent information regarding his recent donation.

Travis is said to have just launched his next endeavor to assist people in various places, which he will do through a new nonprofit named Project HEAL.