Nick Jonas expressed his feelings about fatherhood this way: Everything…

Nick Jonas expressed his feelings about fatherhood this way: Everything has gotten a lot more difficult

Nick Jonas is overcome with emotion as he adjusts to his new role as a parent following the birth of his daughter Malty.

The artist and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, had a difficult time becoming parents because their baby spent more than 100 days in the intensive care unit after being delivered to a surrogate mother.

In a recent interview with Variety, the hitmaker talked about the terrible shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and said, “Now that I’m a father, things are getting scarier.”

“The gravity of what’s going on has increased dramatically, as has knowledge of what’s going on.” I believe it is now a matter of attempting to pay as much attention as possible to your family, as well as the fate of others.

I am eternally grateful to the universe for Malty Marie and the exciting prospect of becoming a parent. I can’t help but think of the children and all those lives lost as a father and uncle. I’m hoping for a change, and that this will come to an end, “I told the publication,” he said.

Following the shocking news of the shooting, Jonas went out to his fans and shared a link to a nonprofit called Moms Demand Action, which is dedicated to ending gun violence. “Gun violence is not a concern for children. They don’t have to be concerned about gun violence at school, for example. It’s so heartbreaking. ” Last week, he tweeted.

A new chapter has begun in the young family’s life, and they are eager to embark on new adventures together. Even if partners want to keep all intimate details private, they can’t always hide their emotions. The couple told everyone at Mother’s Day earlier this month that Malty had come home from intensive care.

Every family’s journey is different, and it necessitates a certain amount of faith. Although ours was difficult, it is evident in retrospect how precious and exquisite each moment is. They used social media to express themselves.