In order to prevent falling, Madonna skates on a rollerblade while…

In order to prevent falling, Madonna skates on a rollerblade while surrounded by others

Her Majesty went to the roller rink in Central Park on Wednesday night, where she was accompanied by a number of people to keep her from eating it.

The DiscOasis, Nile Rodgers’ realistic roller rink, was the setting for a party she staged while shielded from the effects of gravity. The disco legend reportedly paid Madonna’s bodyguards to stop her from “cracking her ass.”

Rodgers, who produced Madonna’s “Like A Virgin,” responded to requests from friends to skate at the party by saying, “I’m only willing to skate if M skates.”



However, I had to persuade them of that. He let his colleagues know that Madonna, 63, was apprehensive and worried that she would hurt herself. I don’t want to bust my ass in front of people.

If she does, we’ll all fall down because we’ll all smash our asses, “Rodgers nicely retorted.”

After that, they departed for the rink. With the help of Rodgers and a few others, Madonna even finished two laps around the ice!

Those dance moves from her “Sorry” music video? A mocking fan enquired. The music video for Madonna’s 2005 song shows her effortlessly skating around a roller rink in a leotard, but it’s clear that it was staged.

She and Rodgers performed a dance routine to songs like “Break My Soul: Queens Remix” by Beyoncé and Madonna in a VIP section away from the ice. The music was provided by Questlove. While her kids were present, Madge danced with her son, David Banda, who was well-liked by the crowd.

In the meantime, Sherri Shepherd, who had recently moved back to New York for her new talk show, was skating expertly there. In an Instagram video, she remarked, “There’s nothing like skating and feeling the breeze in your wig.”

Despite not being able to meet Madonna in person, Shepherd claimed that she “did sow the seed for her to come on my show.”