At Thursday’s record release, Calvin Harris took off his shirt to reveal…

At Thursday’s record release, Calvin Harris took off his shirt to reveal his muscular physique

And on Thursday, Calvin Harris showed off his strong physique by taking off his top while promoting his most recent song.

The 38-year-old DJ posted the picture to his 10.3 million followers while wearing a pair of black shorts to inform them that Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2, which contains 14 summer dance songs, is now available.

The famous person also took a picture outside in the sunlight while sporting a shaggy chocolate beard and holding up an orange cassette. On Calvin’s most recent album, notable musicians like Justin Timberlake, Halsey, and Dua Lipa are among the performers.

He added, “Buy my album,” along with the words, “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 is out right now,” and appeared to be yelling in the image. Vick Hope’s engagement ring cost Calvin an astonishing £1 million.

It was discovered that the DJ and 32-year-old TV and radio broadcaster Vick got engaged in May of this year after a brief five-month courtship.

Despite the exquisite and exorbitant cost of the engagement diamond, a source who spoke to The Sun claims that the couple is not interested in a large or extravagant wedding.

The lavishness of the rock will outweigh the amount they will spend on the big day itself because they plan to keep it low-key and intimate with only a small group of close friends and family in attendance.

Calvin genuinely has no concern about money because he has made millions of dollars over the previous 15 years by creating popular dance music.

Following Calvin’s under-a-tree proposal at his Ibiza villa, Terra Masia, Vick was spotted wearing her diamond engagement ring at the Chelsea Flower Show in May.

A source told MailOnline that “Calvin and Vick were enthralled with one another” when the relationship initially began.