NBA Twitter likes Jalen Brunson guiding the Mavs to a Game 2 win…

NBA Twitter likes Jalen Brunson guiding the Mavs to a Game 2 win over the Jazz

Thanks in large part to a fantastic performance from Jalen Brunson, the Dallas Mavericks were able to level the series against the Utah Jazz.

With Luka Doncic out, the Dallas Mavericks needed someone to take over a game against the Utah Jazz. It sure looks like Jalen Brunson was apparently eager and able to totally crush the Jazz during Monday’s NBA playoff game.

Brunson showed up and was great, wowing NBA fans all over. People on Twitter were stunned by Brunson’s remarkable performance. He was able to apparently will the Mavs to a much-needed win over a really solid jazz club.

Here’s how folks are reacting to Brunson’s doing everything necessary to even the series against the Jazz.

Dallas Mavericks: Twitter reacts as Jalen Brunson leads the Mavs vs. Utah Jazz in game 2

Brunson was exceptional as he put up 41 points against the Jazz, leading the Mavericks to an incredible triumph.

During Dallas’ 110-104 win over the Jazz, Brunson revealed that he’s a really well rounded athlete. In addition to those 41 points that he scored, Brunson also collected eight rebounds and had five assists.

Interestingly enough, Brunson achieved all of this without registering a single foul.

With this win, the Mavericks might just be in a position to really make this series interesting. If Brunson can continue playing like this, Dallas might have a real shot to advance on in the NBA playoffs. That’s a lot to ask, but Brunson has already demonstrated that it is doable in theory.

Now, as Brunson has demonstrated just how excellent he can be in a hard circumstance, expect his contract situation to attract a ton of attention.

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