A blood-soaked influencer is seen in a video inside a Miami apartment where…

Video Seemingly Shows Blood-soaked Influencer Inside Miami Apartment Where A Black Man Was Fatally Stabbed

A blood-soaked influencer is seen in a video inside a Miami apartment where a black man was fatally stabbed

We reported earlier this week that Miami police are investigating the deadly stabbing of Christian Toby Obumseli, a 27-year-old man.

People on social media, including Christian’s putative pals, began pointing fingers as word of his death spread. Many people have asked for his live-in girlfriend, Instagram influencer Courtney Tailor, to be arrested.

New Information Regarding the Fatal Stabbing

Courtney appeared to have been present in the apartment during Christian’s death, according to new footage acquired by TMZ.

Not only that, but TMZ’s camera shows Courtney sitting in a pool of blood on the flat floor. Courtney’s face, arms, chest, stomach, and top half of her gray sweatpants were all covered in blood, which we can only presume was Christian’s.

Who is Courtney Tailor, and where did she come from?

Miami police have not named a suspect in the case, as previously stated. Authorities did, however, detain a lady at the site on Sunday, according to NBC 6 South Florida. Her detention, according to our knowledge, was not an arrest.

Instead, “the woman” was taken to the police station to be questioned, where she allegedly threatened to commit suicide. She was then allegedly “put on psychiatric hold” for a psychiatric evaluation. We are unable to confirm Courtney’s whereabouts at this time.

While the lady apprehended has yet to be identified by authorities, an attorney working with Christian’s family told TMZ that the woman detained was Courtney. Lee Merritt, Christian’s attorney, also acknowledged that the social media influencer was Christian’s girlfriend.

There are no images of Christian on Courtney’s main or backup Instagram accounts.

Christian’s Instagram account, on the other hand, has a number of posts showcasing Courtney. On September 1, 2021, he posted a photo of a joyful Courtney clutching Christian’s hand. Courtney’s main account used the phrase “partner in crime” in the comment box.

Christian’s account does not follow hers, but he does follow both of her pages. Furthermore, the influencer’s main account has posted comments on several of Christian’s postings. “Mi amor” and “twin [fire emoticon]” are two of her comment phrases.

A Bereaved Family

The fatal stabbing happened on Sunday, April 3 at One Paraiso in Miami’s Edgewater district, according to our previous update. On the day of the incident, residents of the upscale apartment complex allegedly received an email about a “domestic disagreement,” but the communication didn’t disclose any other specifics.

Jeff, his claimed older brother, wrote a touching Instagram message mourning Christian’s death.

In the title of the post, Jeff said, “I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this.” It is with great sadness that I reveal the death of my younger brother, Christian (Toby), who was cruelly murdered on Sunday, a week before his 28th birthday I am speechless.

He wasn’t deserving of this. It’s a lot to take in. Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with me. During this difficult time, your support is much felt and appreciated. I respectfully request that the community pray for me and my family. “Pray for strength as we travel the long path to justice.”