Monica Posts Security Video Of A Maintenance Worker Jumping Into Her Pool…

Monica Shares Security Footage Of Maintenance Worker Jumping Into Her Backyard Pool 

Monica Posts Security Video Of A Maintenance Worker Jumping Into Her Pool In Her Backyard.

Some folks simply have no idea how to act, especially when no one is looking! On Tuesday, Monica provided an example scenario to her Instagram followers.

Monica said in a few phrases and a 30-second video that someone hired to address a plumbing problem on her property took time away from their duties to test out her pool.

Monica Throws a Fit at a Pool Diver

“LISTEN People have been putting my gangsta to the test for the past month,” Monica stated in the description of her Instagram image. “He was supposed to be fixing the leak in the yard when he plunged into my stuff like he’s a tax write-off!”

A security camera in the distance captures the individual Monica is referring to. Monica’s whole pool area is captured by the camera, including a stone deck with seating and a jacuzzi.

From the grassy area in the backyard, the pool invader entered the camera vision. He dashed to the stone waterfall in the pool and climbed to the top. Meanwhile, a man in a fluorescent orange shirt appeared in the other direction of the diver.

He appeared to be using an electronic instrument to capture the scene. The man who is about to jump dives in headfirst. He walks over to the jacuzzi area and climbs out of the pool after a few seconds in the water. He stepped out of the frame without a towel and appeared to be dripping wet once he was out.

Monica did not specify whether the man is a member of her on-site team or an agency hire. She did, however, state that she does not mess around with her house.

Monica commented on Twitter, “LOL folks better quit playing in my face before the original gremlin comes out #WordToYak.”

Monica hasn’t stated what she intends to do in terms of follow-up. She did, however, appear to be amusing about the situation. Monica jumped into The Shade Room’s comment section with laughing emojis after the video was posted.

Monica writes, “He was alive.”