In the wake of Raymond Santana’s divorce filing, Deelishis discusses her finances


At the beginning of March, Deelishis provided her fans an exclusive look into the state of her marriage. Even though it’s just been three days, things with estranged spouse Raymond Santana have been tense online.

In an Instagram post on March 1, Deelishis labeled him a narcissist, liar, and cheat. With Future references and a divorce filing the next day, Raymond fired his own shots.

The internet conversations about their less than two-year-old marriage had turned to their finances by Thursday. Raymond, one of the exonerated five, received a portion of a $41 million settlement for being wrongfully convicted of assault in New York, as you may know.

Deelishis, who rose to stardom as a reality TV star, clarified the situation on her coins in an Instagram post.

Deelishis stated on her Instagram Story, “He isn’t broke and he left me, not the other way around.” “So please come up with a new story… In this scenario, the term “gold digger” isn’t appropriate… I had my own when I met him, and now that he’s gone, I’ll continue to have my own.”

Raymond is divorcing his wife.

According to TMZ, Raymond presented his estranged wife with divorce papers on Tuesday, following her social media outburst. According to the legal paperwork, Raymond and Deelishis’ marriage is “irretrievably broken with no possibility of reconciliation.”

Despite the fact that their relationship is doomed, the estranged couple has chosen to end things on their own rather than go through the judicial system, according to the legal document.

Both parties have also agreed to forego alimony payments.

If you’re unfamiliar, Deelishis and Raymond began dating in 2019 and announced their engagement towards the end of the year. In June 2020, those ideas came to fruition. Following that, there were social media posts and outings filled with gestures of affection and pleasant words.

It’s unclear what caused their breakup, but Deelishis advised her fans to “keep tuned” in her now-edited caption.