Following her son’s suicide, Vivica A. Fox says Regina King is “surrounded by love.”

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Following the passing of her son Ian Alexander Jr., renowned actress and talk show host Vivica A. Fox shared a message from Regina King on Monday.

Vivica grew teary-eyed during Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens, as she expressed her feelings about her friend’s tragic loss. Vivica went on to tell Regina about her encounter with her.

“Last night, I was with Regina, and she’s fine,” Vivica said. “I was able to embrace her… I simply had to see my sister, who is a buddy of mine. I had to call folks and ask, ‘What do you say?’ on the way there. I’m terrified. ‘I don’t want to make a mistake.’

Regina was also “strong” during this time, according to Vivica, who also shared a note from Regina herself.

“Tell everyone that she got ya’ll’s SMS,” she said. “She appreciates the outpouring of affection for her, her family, and her kid,” Vivica said. “Y’all, she’s surrounded by so much love.” That was the lovely thing about it: when I arrived, our community was already there to help her. I saw it last night if you never thought African American actresses, performers, and talent supported and loved one other.”

Vivica A. Fox takes the time to talk to viewers about empathy and how to help others in need.

“I just pray that everything we do for our sons, for our children – COVID and everything has put everyone in a terrible situation, in a dark place.” Stop, take a time to make sure that they’re OK if you detect any indicators of someone in distress or if someone reaches out to you who’s just not having a good day,” she said.

“If you notice someone in distress, check on them,” Vivica continued. Keep an eye on them. We have folks every day — I’ve never thought about suicide in our town and how many people who don’t want to be here are taking their own lives…

It has, however, been eye-opening for me. It has truly been. And I’ve been trying to be strong, telling myself, ‘Hey girl, please don’t cry today.’ But, y’all, my tears are because I know my pal is fine. She is just amazing. We’ll get through this, but we must begin to raise awareness about mental illness.”

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