“Art Is Freedom Of Speech,” Kanye West said in response to criticism following…


“Art Is Freedom Of Speech,” Kanye West said in response to criticism following the release of his “Eazy” music video.

Kanye West has never been one to compromise his music or visuals to satisfy others, as he recently demonstrated with his response to recent criticism surrounding his latest music video, ‘Eazy,’ which features The Game.

Kanye West took to Instagram to share a simple still from the video along with a brief but detailed explanation of the graphics.

Kanye West released the video for his highly acclaimed tune ‘Eazy’ featuring The Game late last month, but many of his detractors were only interested in Pete Davidson’s portrayal as an animated creature who is beheaded and buried in the film.

Kanye, who has never been one to back down in the face of criticism, whether personal or professional, has finally responded—but don’t expect an apology or regret.

Instead, Kanye responded to the ‘Eazy’ video with a lengthy rebuttal, explaining that it is “protected as freedom of speech,” among other things.

“Art, like this view, is a form of rehabilitation.” Art is protected in the same way that freedom of speech is. Art both inspires and clarifies the world around us. Art is not a substitute for any ailment or harm. “Any notion that my art is anything other than what it is is incorrect and maliciously designed,” Kanye stated in the caption of his Instagram photo.

As previously reported, Kanye West has officially moved on to new girlfriend Chaney Jones, as the two have made their relationship public now that Kim Kardashian has been deemed legally unmarried by a California court.