Following Kim Kardashian’s filing for single status, Kanye West is said to have…

Kanye West Reportedly Files Legal Documents To Protect His Marital Assets After Kim Kardashian Files For Single Status

Following Kim Kardashian’s filing for single status, Kanye West is said to have filed legal documents to protect his marital assets.

Kanye West has been vocal about his impending divorce on social media recently, but it appears that he is warming to the notion of Kim being declared single in the midst of their divorce proceedings–as long as it is done on his terms.

Kanye is concerned about what would happen to his and Kim’s assets if she is considered legally single, according to TMZ, and has reportedly submitted court docs stating his requirements for her to be put back on the market.

According to TMZ, Ye’s lawyer is concerned that after Kim is officially single, she would remarry and move some of their assets to different accounts, so he’s asking for the following: if either Kim or Kanye dies, Ye wants to ensure that any money owed to either party is reimbursed.

Kanye also wants Kim to relinquish their marital privilege pending a definitive custody determination, and he wants a judge to prevent Kim from transferring any assets out of the trust they founded together. In addition, if Kim remarries, Kanye wants her to waive any spousal privilege between her and a new spouse, ensuring that any conversations she has with a new guy about custody can be used in court.

Kim has reportedly rejected all of the requests in the new legal paperwork, according to Kanye West’s lawyer.

Kim Kardashian, as previously reported, filed legal filings in December requesting a judge to declare her legally single. She also requested that the suffix ‘West’ be removed from her name so that she may resume using her maiden name. Kim’s request is expected to be approved in the first week of March.

Roomies, we’ll keep you posted as the Wests work out their differences.